All Facilitators are Certified Dementia Practitioners

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Sheri Humayun

Special Note!                  Dementia Roadmap

 Your Leadership Team highly recommends the State of Washington's "Dementia Roadmap" for leading dementia caregivers through each stage of dementia by providing information about:

Dementia Roadmap 

We are a peer-to-peer support group and exist only to support  caregivers whose loved ones are living with  Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. 

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A seat at the roundtable of peers; we will engage in conversation, supportive strategies, and education intended to improve the quality of life of those who love and support a loved one with memory issues.  By empowering caregivers, we will help to navigate these challenging times by recognizing that self-care is as important as the care provided to our loved ones. By identifying challenges that others are facing, we will try to network resources that can provide support, respite, and care among caregivers.  We will build on the foundation of learning and listening while respecting the uniqueness of every situation. We will support one another by asking for help and sharing personal stories and challenges.  We will be respectful of matters of privacy within our roundtable group.

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The color purple symbolizes mystery, and Alzheimer’s is indeed a mysterious disease. Researchers have learned much about the disease, but cannot solve the mystery of how to cure or prevent the disease. Purple represents magic, and we are ready for that magical moment when we live in a world without Alzheimer’s.