Welcome to the Forget Me Not Podcast

We are sharing stories of a loved one living with dementia through the eyes of their care partner. We know that behind every person living with this disease, there was a brilliant and talented person who could have narrated their own story. We aspire to provide very authentic conversations. We hope you will learn about the person, their journey with the disease and how the care partners have had to accept the burden of letting go along the way. Some of these stories might touch your heart and perhaps provide some support to you. If you would like to be a guest on our podcast and share your journey with your loved one please simply email Herb@roundtabledementiasupportteam.org

Herb and Linda nov 2.mp3

Herb and Lynda

Francine and Pat (mom).mp3

Francine and Pat (mom)

Charlie and Bonnie Nov 2.mp3

Charlie and Bonnie

In this podcast, Herb will share a love story of a boy meets girl in high school. He's an extremely devoted husband who has his wife at the center of his life. Herb describes his daily lens of the world is based on the beauty of Lynda’s presence. He will share how hard letting go can be when the progression of the disease takes hold.

In this podcast, Francine will share the heartache of caring for her mother from afar, moving her close and the challenges of meeting expectations. This podcast gets real and very honest. Francine is a perfect example of loving with a whole heart.

In this podcast, Charlie takes us back to meeting his college sweetheart, Bonita. We venture through time to the excitement of retirement and then things suddenly changed. He quickly began questioning the difference between normal aging forgetfulness verses something might be wrong here with his wife, Bonnie.